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The Corporate OHS bi monthly blog has been historically written to primarily provide suggestions to UAE based HSE professionals, impart free health and safety information to non HSE staff who may be tasked with health and safety responsibilities and guide small business owners looking after their companies own occupational health and safety requirements and compliance.

As I also look after the commercial function of the Corporate OHS health and safety consultancy I also sometimes factor commercial elements into my blog, such as suggestions on how to secure HSE budget for your HSE Department.

For 2022 I am going to listen to the market and add additional focus to mental health and wellbeing at work. I will also write on the essential soft skills and non-technical elements required to work successfully in health and safety as these are so often overlooked. Topics such as change management and the art of persuasiveness !

If there is any subject that you would like to see me cover please email me on:  I also love to receive your feedback on my blogs so do let me know what you think !

IIRSM Annual Symposium – Dubai

  Proud to join the list of corporate sponsors of the annual IIRSM symposium. Great conference and good to meet you all at the Coroprate OHS stand. #OSHAD #Healthandsafety #Healthandsafetylegislation #healthandsafetyoutsourcing #UAEhealthandsafety

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Health and Safety is here to stay, it will not go away! The first thing any company needs to do is conduct a gap analysis and assess what they actually need. If your company is registered in Abu Dhabi it is mandatory to apply for OSHAD registration

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