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Identify health and safety risk and implement control measures

Don’t leave risk to chance. We assess the risk in your business to identify where the hazards lie

What we offer

We work with you to understand where the risk in your business lies, then help you to mitigate that risk

We help you clearly identify the existing and potential risk and hazards in your business. How severe the risk could be and the potential of the risk occurring

We develop preventative and protective control measures, which will either eradicate the risk. Or, control or reduce residual risk

We enable you to mitigate the risk in your business and work in ways which reduce any potential for harm to your employees, your customers, visitors to you site, your company and its reputation

What are you looking for?

Health and safety risk assessments for multinational and local entities

Health and safety risk assessments for Government entities

Health and safety risk assessments for education entities

What reducing risk in your business feels like

Testimonials from our clients

"We knew that our first step in managing HSE began with risk assessments, but didn’t know where to start. The Consultant worked with us to identify risks in our business activities then put in control measures to help us work safely. He trained us on the process so that we understand risk better now."

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