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The Corporate OHS bi-monthly blog contains much helpful health and safety information, often local to the UAE, on various topics. Further suggested helpful reading is below:

For information on how to comply with UAE Federal Law Health and Safety law we suggest reading:

  • UAE Labour Law No 8 of 1980
  • Federal Law Number 29 of 2006 Concerning the Rights of Handicapped
  • Ministerial Decision Number 27 of 1981 on remote working
  • Ministerial Resolution Number 32 of 1982 on determining prevention means and measures to protect workers from work hazards



For information on how to comply with Abu Dhabi Emirate Health and Safety legislation OSHAD SF (Occupational Safety and Health Abu Dhabi Statutory Framework) we suggest reading:

  • What is OSHAD SF ?
    • It is an initiative developed by Abu Dhabi Government with the aim of addressing and controlling occupational health and safety risk in workplace activities
  • Must all companies operating in Abu Dhabi comply with OSHAD SF ?
    • There are exemptions for companies operating in oil and gas and aviation. OSHAD will advise you directly on this
  • How do I achieve successful OSHAD certification ?
    • It is achieved via the development and implementation of a comprehensive occupational safety and health management system
  • Do I need to develop and implement a health and safety management system even if my company was categorized by OSHAD as low risk ?
    • The elements to be contained within the system will be as mandated for low risk companies. These will require the implementation of applicable Elements and Codes of practice in addition to annual reporting to OSHAD
  • Do I need to do anything to keep my OSHAD certification ?
    • Successful implementation of the developed system is necessary to manage the mandatory data reporting to the regulator, which is critical to the success of the framework and ongoing business operations
  • I have an existing health and safety management system but I’m not sure if it meets OSHAD SF requirements. What should I do ?
    • You can read through all of the OSHAD Manual, Elements, Codes of Practice, Mechanisms, Standards and Guidelines, Technical Guidelines and Forms and align your system yourself. Or, you can call an expert company like, Corporate OHS, to review and amend your system for you
  • Who is enforcing the OSHAD SF ?
    • The OSHAD SF is enforced via the relevant SRA (Sector Regulatory Authority) responsible for the companies activities on it’s trade licence



For information on how to comply with OSHJ (Occupational Safety and Health Sharjah) we suggest reading: OSH Introduction (

  • What is OSHJ ?
    • OSHJ is an initiative developed by Sharjah Government to align local legislation with international best practice in the field of occupational health and safety. Corporate OHS Consultants worked with Sharjah Government to develop the framework system
  • Must all companies operating in Sharjah comply with OSHJ ?
    • Yes. All companies including Government divisions, companies operating in Sharjah Freezones and companies registered in other Emirates but with employees working in Sharjah must register with SPSA and comply with the OSHJ System
  • When will the OSHJ framework be launched ?
    • The decree has been ratified and OSHJ is expected to be launched in early 2022
  • What will I need to do once the OSHJ system is launched ?
    • You will need to register your company with SPSA (Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority). At the time of registration your company will be classified according to the level of risk associated with your trade licence activities. This classification level will determine your companies mandatory requirements as regards managing health and safety risk
  • Will there be any requirements common to all companies ?
    • Common to all companies will be incident reporting, emergency planning and adopting and implementing minimum workplace standards
  • Will there be any documents available to help me with understanding how to manage my health and safety ?
    • Corporate OHS helped to develop the 20 Codes of Practice and 28 Guidelines which are practical plain speaking tools to help all companies understand health and safety
  • Who will enforce the Sharjah OSHJ system once it is launched ?
    • It will be enforced by the SPSA (Sharjah Prevention and Safety Authority)


For information on Health and Safety in Dubai we suggest reading:

For information on Disaster and Crisis Management in the UAE we suggest reading:

For information on the Fire and Life Safety Code in the UAE we suggest reading:

Further useful resources regarding the management of Health and Safety are:

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