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Corporate OHS provides a one stop shop for all your HSE consultancy needs

Don’t leave risk to chance. We offer solutions to all your health and safety problems

What we offer

We work with you to provide a 360 turnkey service: HSE Consultancy, HSE oversight, HSE secondments, HSE retainers, HSE audits, HSE risk assessments, Specialist safety such as; high hazard, behavioural safety, ergonomics and crisis management

We help you comprehensively manage your health and safety risk via an array of service solutions including business continuity and crisis management

We develop robust, practical, straightforward risk management programmes and solutions via our expert Consultants delivering superior performance

We enable you to cut out any requirement to engage and manage many different supplier relationships – Corporate OHS can do it all !

What are you looking for?

Full service HSE Consultancy for multinational and local entities

Full service HSE Consultancy for Government entities

Full service HSE Consultancy for education entities

What reducing risk in your business feels like

Testimonials from our clients

"Our business model was complex with many layers of service providers. Understanding who was responsible for health and safety within those contracts and then how to manage and monitor them had been very confusing for us. The Consultant unpicked all the details then created procedures, checklists and inspection templates for us to follow"

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