HSE System review and audit

Corporate OHS’s consultants have all come from international backgrounds and possess knowledge of international best practice as well as in depth extensive experience of working with Federal UAE and Emirate specific health and safety laws. They can provide an independent assessment and evaluation of your current HSE practices, processes and areas of risk plus highlight any non compliance to all applicable UAE and Emirate specific Health and Safety law.

After consultation with you to decide upon the audit parameters the Corporate OHS HSE Consultant will attend your offices to:

  • Identify both good and substandard health and safety practices and conditions
  • Identify trends in relation to different types of incidents and/or accidents by the analysis of relevant data
  • Compare your companies actual performance with previously set data targets
  • Identify and assess whether the control measures currently in use are effective and identify appropriate remedial measures where deficiencies are identified
  • Identify any new or changed risks
  • Assess compliance with legal requirements and/or accepted national/international standards
  • To benchmark the organization’s performance against that of similar organizations or an industry norm;

During an assurance and compliance piece the consultant will examine existing arrangements to include organisational Health and Safety systems, manuals, policies and procedures, existing risk control measures and their effectiveness and observe working conditions, practices and culture. They can also review the safety of the physical aspects of your operations, property portfolio and working environment and highlight areas of high, medium and low risk and gaps in your current compliance.

A baseline position will then be established to understand the Health and Safety culture within the business and how Health and Safety is currently being demonstrated. Observations and recommendations will all be documented.

As well as the subjects outlined above, topics covered for audit can include; Legal register, emergency preparedness, discharging of roles and responsibilities, HSE training, manual handling, ergonomic arrangements, working at height, display screen equipment, workplace transport, COSHH, machinery arrangements, environmental assessments, precautions against slips, trips and falls, electrical equipment safety, first aid arrangements, welfare facilities and general cleanliness and tidiness.


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