HSE Outsourcing

Corporate OHS provides competent and well qualified health and safety staff for long term outsourcing.

HSE Consultant or Senior HSE Consultant, we can help you with your headcount, personnel, budgetary and resourcing challenges.

Pricing levels are set according to your service needs, the risks that need to be managed, and how qualified and experienced the staff required for the project are to be.

Outsourcing, either long term seconded project work, or, retained services, provide a tailored service and embed an expert HSE professional at the right number of days per month that’s best for your company.

Why outsource your Health and Safety needs?

Many businesses do not allocate to health and safety the amount of time and resources that they should. This exposes them to significant risk. Ensuring proper health and safety arrangement are in place is an essential part of any company.

Highly personalized, cost and time effective. Our well qualified and experienced HSE Consultants will work in partnership with you. Attending your premises at intervals agreed in advance – giving a trustworthy service; providing practical and straight forward advice.

The HSE Consultant will be dedicated to you, easily integrated and acting as an extension of your company. Providing the correct level of support according to your budget and requirements.

Financial Benefits:

  • –  Removes headcount recruitment and resourcing challenges
  • – Removes the need for spend on: staff visas, staff healthcare, IT infrastructure ie laptops and phones, staff holiday and sickness, staff training, onboarding costs ie training, HR, payroll
  • – Removes the cost of bringing shared resource eg HSE Manager from Head Office in another country, in and out of the UAE
  • – Will provide you with immediate access to skilled resources at no additional cost
  • – Will provide you with immediate access to specialised services at no additional cost
  • – An outsourced Consultant will immediately improve safety performance, reduce disruption and associated costs
  • – Provide immediate additional support to mitigate damage, such as after an incident
  • – The protection of your companies assets by building HSE into your preventative maintenance


Knowledge Benefits:

  • – The provision of immediate expert HSE advice
  • – The provision of transparent and impartial HSE advice and services via an unbiased look at your practices; then help you update and improve them
  • – Will aid in the setting of HSE KPI’s, leading and lagging indicators and presenting the data in a meaningful way to higher management
  • – The provision of bilingual or multi lingual staff well able to deal with your existing staff and clients
  • – Will work with, and as an extension of, your existing team to increase the capability and knowledge levels of your existing team
  • – Will promote growth within your company and the development of staff via knowledge transfer
  • – Will help to manage traditional seasonal productivity drops/increases in workload
  • – Will ensure that you are up to date with the latest HSE laws and legislations – and remain on the right side of them !
  • – Will provide you with insight and intelligences throughout your operations thus aiding efficiencies and productivity

– Will represent you either internally at committee meeting or management meetings or, liaise with third parties on your behalf, such as enforcing authorities or accreditation bodies
– Will represent you either internally at committee or management meetings, or, liaise with third partied on your behalf, such as enforcing authorities or accreditation bodies


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