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HSE Management system development and implementation

Organisations with effective management systems tend to perform more successfully, reflected in some of world’s most profitable organisations, and also earn the confidence of their key stakeholders. This can positively impact new business, insurance premiums, staff morale and your company image. 

Management systems are an essential tool in enabling companies to operate to best practice HSE standards whilst protecting people from injury and preventing potential legal action. 

Corporate OHS can develop health and safety arrangements that are suitable for any workplace environment and meet the general requirements to manage health and safety. The health and safety management system will be written in an agreed upon format, that is practical and easy to understand and most suitable for the company’s needs.

Amongst other topics the health and safety management system can include the following:

Health and Safety Policy

The development of a health and safety policy is a fundamental aspect of health and safety management as it shows an organisation’s commitment to Health and Safety.


Arrangements can include methods for identifying and evaluating risks and selecting suitable controls to help manage those risks. The Arrangements will include risk assessment procedures, including emergency procedures, fire evacuations and fire drills and the development of Safe Systems of Work / Safe Operating Procedures etc. Corporate OHS can establish objectives and programmes to help implement the controls identified and to respect legal obligations.

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities will be clearly identified, defined and discharged as per legal requirements. Including, if required, health and safety champions identified. These will be decided upon in conjunction with the organisation.


Monitoring procedures, for example health and safety checklists and accident investigation procedures and forms can be developed by Corporate OHS.


Corporate OHS can develop a management review process to ensure the system remains up to date and relevant.

By developing these arrangements an organisation will mitigate the health and safety risks to their organisation, including:

  • –  Reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to employees and therefore increasing morale and productivity
  • – Reducing the likelihood of prosecution from relevant authorities and therefore the risk of criminal fines and imprisonment
  • – Avoiding financial consequences – compensation, healthcare, legal costs, lost time, accident investigations, retraining, replacement of staff, insurance etc.


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