Good practice in Health & Safety makes sound business sense

Save money on the direct costs of absence such as;

  • Paying the wages of the employee during their sickness absence
  • Overtime incurred by other employees
  • Loss of output incurred by the absent employee


Save money on the indirect costs of absence such as;

  • Time taken for a replacement to be recruited, train on the role and become productive
  • The possibility of reduced services and poor product quality
  • The loss of your business, continuity and reputation
  • The recruiting of temporary staff
  • Training and providing additional supervision to other staff during the employees absence
  • Retaining good long standing staff who are worried by the what has happened to the missing employee


Save money on the costs of recruiting and training staff such as;

  • Time spent searching for, interviewing and recruiting a new member of staff
  • Training replacement and new staff members
  • High costs of outsourcing and setting up short-term contracts
  • Overall drops in productivity as the new staff member takes up existing staffs time coming up to speed with his duties

Maintain your organisation’s reputation

  • By preventing accidents and ill health at work you will keep a good name and reputation with your clients, your workers, their friends and associates.
  • You will have worked hard to build a positive and respectable image for your business, the most important thing is to keep that good name which will lead to an increase in sales
  • If your company comes into disrepute, including avoidable injury, accidents or continued employee ill health, it will cost you far more than just replacing that member of staff

A disastrous public relations incident will take time to recover from and get your business up and running again. Sometimes the damage is irreparable.

But it’s easy to prevent damage the damage occurring in the first place by implementing a simple and effective programme of health and safety control to manage the risk

Boost productivity and profits

  • Improving health & safety will improve the morale and productivity in your business. Your workers can do their job with less difficulty and danger
  • Stress and accidents at work are two of the biggest causes of absences from work today

Whether they cause short, unscheduled or long-term illness, they will have a serious impact the business productivity, sales and overall profits