Features & Benefits of using Corporate OHS

360 Turnkey Service

Do you require:

HSE Consultancy, HSE oversight ? HSE outsourcing ? HSE audits ? HSE risk assessments ?  Specialist safety such as high hazard, behavioural safety or ergonomics ?

No need to engage and manage many different supplier relationships – Corporate OHS can do it all !

Holistic HSE deliverables

Corporate OHS offers bespoke HSE consultancy solutions.

We promise to speak to you in straightforward, jargon free terms. We meet your company requirements in a personalised, cost effective, time effective manner.

Dedicated HSE Consulting and Outsourcing Practice 

We don’t water down our technical outputs by also trying to provide accredited training programmes, open courses, testing or verification services. We are a dedicated HSE Consultancy and Outsourcing practice.

Expert Resources, Superior Performance

Our HSE Consultants have in-depth knowledge of health and safety legislation at a UAE local level, as well as the wider GCC, Europe and even further afield.

They will bring a wide breadth of international best practice risk management knowledge, experience and expertise to your company.

International staff all residing in the United Arab Emirates

Our staff have all lived within the GCC and UAE regions for many years and boast extensive local and regional HSE knowledge. They are based in different Emirates giving total UAE coverage. Unlike similar European staff based consultancies, we don’t need to bring in staff from other countries to fulfil projects and pass the cost back to you.

Our regional knowledge enables Corporate OHS to completely understand your business and the challenges specific to the local region.

Global Knowledge

Our staff have knowledge not just of UAE HSE laws and legislations. Our expert Consultants have lived and worked all over the world and bring international best practice, practical knowledge and extensive experience from many different countries. Their experience includes working in; The UK, Ireland, the Americas, the Far East, extensively throughout both the GCC and UAE.

Knowledge of International, GCC and Local Management Systems

Our expert Consultants have lived and worked all over the world and bring international best practice, practical knowledge and extensive experience from many different countries.

In addition to knowledge of Emirate specific HSE systems such as OSHAD, they have extensive knowledge of international systems such as ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management. They can provide a blend of best international practice, whilst still ensuring compliance and the adherence to all local and regional requirements.

Commercially aware HSE Consultants

In addition to being HSE experts, our Consultants are also commercially aware. We can help you compile cost effective HSE budgets for approval and ensure capability building within your existing staff. We will align your companies HSE structure to enable you to tender with success; by positioning your company better in the market to submit and win more tenders.

Bilingual and Multilingual Staff

We can provide Consultants who can work with your existing staff and clients linguistic requirements.

Experience Across various Commercial Sectors

Our staff have experience of conducting HSE consultancy in most commercial sectors. They understand that your business will benefit from the cross pollination of ideas from other industries.

Corporate OHS Consultants will develop HSE requirements specific to your organisation, incorporating experience, knowledge and best practices from other sectors.

OSHAD Class A Consultancy and Consultants

Independently verified by the Government HSE body – you can be sure of our quality of service.

Highly Qualified Consultants with many years of HSE experience

We won’t send you newly qualified staff with entry level qualifications and meagre hands on HSE experience. All our staff are NEBOSH Diploma qualified, usually with additional degrees in corresponding fields – such as mechanical engineering. Each Consultant has between 7 – 25 years of HSE Consultancy experience under their belt.

Staff with HSE Consultancy backgrounds

We won’t send you staff with HSE Manager backgrounds, just starting out working as Consultants and beginning to learn the very different skill set that is required for this discipline. Our staff have almost exclusively worked as HSE Consultants their entire careers.

Aligning your Company’s HSE Structure for Tender

We can enable you to tender with greater success by positioning your company better in the market to submit more tenders, and win more tenders

Helping you gain increased revenue, status, reputation and client attraction and retention.

Effective and Economical approach to projects

We consistently win tenders as we understand fiscal constraints. Whilst never comprising on the quality of our staff, or our service. We instead work with you to solve your challenges and deliver and implement solutions in the most cost-effective, value add manner. We deliver on time, practical, straightforward, cost effective consultancy and bespoke services -exactly tailored to your  needs.

Staff Menu Pricing

Corporate OHS provide menu pricing available as per service required and complexity of project. This provides a transparency of approach and pricing available as per personnel requirements. Pricing levels are set according to your service and personnel requirements.

Appropriately qualified and experienced staff are available for a set daily or project price:

  • Level 1-Senior HSE Consultant/Manager
  • Level 2- HSE Consultant/Trainer

Case Studies

We have a large library of case studies where, often household name companies and Governmental divisions, have trusted Corporate OHS with their HSE projects. We can provide you with tangible evidence of where we have successfully made a positive difference to companies just like yours.

Preferred Government Bidder

Corporate OHS are experienced working with many different UAE Government departments

If you view our Case Study page you can see examples of major works conducted and proof of experience, repeat business and the credibility of our company

Department of Economic Development Mainland Trading Licence

We don’t try and conduct Consultancy activities using a Training trade licence. Corporate OHS has invested in the full onshore trading licence as granted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. The category on our licence states “Professional Health & Safety Consultancy” Giving you peace of mind that you are in partnership with a company operating in full compliance with the UAE law. You are welcome to view our Trade Licence at any time.

Comprehensive Insurances

Alongside our Trade Licence, Corporate OHS also provides evidence to clients of the quality of our business via the comprehensive insurance policies that we hold; Professional Indemnity, General Liability and Workmen’s compensation.

Technical Governance Policy

We have a robust Technical Governance Policy which underpins all of our work. The outputs of every project are subject to our quality process which includes 2 levels of peer review for all documents.

We speak in Jargon free language

Does your HSE Consultant ask you to explain your problem thoroughly and the listens closely to the answers ? Do the answers and solutions that they provide to match your needs and challenges ? Do they provide you with considered, tailored advice which perfectly understands your business ? Do they take the time to understand your business in depth ? Do they speak plain English or do they frequently fall into jargon? If you can’t understand what they’re saying and they don’t understand your business then what good is their service ?

Exemplary Customer Service

In addition to your HSE Consultant, we will also provide you with a further resource acting as a client account manager, ensuring that you receive a first class customer experience.

UK Owned and Managed

Our roots are firmly based on UK HSE practices – generally acknowledged to be some of the most evolved in the developed world.


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