Features & Benefits of using Corporate OHS

360 Turnkey Service

Do you require:

·         HSEQ Consultancy – preparation of systems, plans, policies or documents to local or international standards ?

·         HSEQ oversight ?

·         HSEQ outsourcing ?

·         HSEQ audits ?

·         HSE risk assessments ?

·         Specialist safety such as high hazard, water safety or disability safety provisions ?

·         Accredited in house HSE training ?

·         Non accredited in house HSE training ?

·         Bespoke or off the shelf HSE training ?

No need to engage and manage many different supplier relationships – Corporate OHS can do it all !

Extensive Middle Eastern experience

Our staff have all lived within the region for many years and boast extensive local and regional knowledge

Therefore Corporate OHS understands your business, employing locally based staff to give total UAE coverage providing localised services. We deliver on time, cost effective consultancy and bespoke services tailored to your company’s need.

Staff Menu Pricing

Corporate OHS provide menu pricing available as per service required and complexity of project. This provides a transparency of approach and pricing available as per personnel requirements. Pricing levels are set according to your service and personnel requirements.

Appropriately qualified and experienced staff are available for a set daily or project price:

·         Level 1-Senior HSE Consultant/Manager

·         Level 2- HSE Consultant/Trainer

·         Level 3- HSE Officer

HSE Outsourcing

Corporate OHS provide HSE Officers, Consultants, Trainers and Managers for short or long term contracted outsourcing

This takes away the clients liability of employment, headcount challenges, visa challenges, health insurance responsibilities, holiday or sickness pay plus responsibility for other benefits

We will manage our staff and guarantee their competency providing you with a flexible business model and payment options

Payment Options

Unlike many other Consultancies we do not demand payment upfront

We allow for flexible payment options, easing procurement objections and improving cash flow. Upfront payment, 30 day terms and pay as you go all available

Preferred Government Bidder

Corporate OHS are experienced working with many different UAE Government departments

If you view our Case Study page you can see examples of major works conducted and proof of experience, repeat business and the credibility of our company

Corporate OHS understands how Government works, we are able to plug in immediately to your management structure, easily identifying internal gaps and advising on best practices

Aligning your Company’s HSE Structure for Tender

We can enable you to tender with success by positioning your company better in the market to submit more tenders, and win more tenders

Helping you gain increased revenue, status, reputation, a safer working environment, and reducing potential insurance losses and claims

International, GCC and Local Management Systems

Our staff have knowledge not just of UAE systems. They also have experience and training of Emirate specific systems such as OSHAD and International systems such as OHSAS, ISO, HSG 65

We can bring a wide breadth of knowledge, experience and expertise to your company

Providing consistency of OHS across global institutions and meeting all local regional and international best practices

Experience Across all Commercial Sectors

Our staff have experience of conducting consultancy across almost all commercial sectors

As well as HSE knowledge they have commercial knowledge and understand both your business and can bring cross pollination of ideas from other industries

Corporate OHS Consultants can develop OHS requirements specific to your organisation incorporating experience, knowledge and best practices from other sectors

Holistic OHS deliverables

Corporate OHS offers bespoke OHS consultancy solutions

We will meet your company requirements, in a cost effective, time effective manner

UK Owned, Managed and Serviced

Knowledge exchanged from experienced Consultants in high risk areas such as working at height, oil and gas

Multi Lingual Deliver of Consultancy and Training

Our staff speak fluently the following languages; English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Swedish, Russian and Nigerian

Therefore they can communicate effectively with the multi lingual challenges faced in the UAE and workers at every level

OSHAD Class A Consultancy and Consultants

Independently verified by the Government HSE body you can be sure of our quality of service