Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Couple todays fast paced ever changing world and environment, with the extreme public and Governmental scrutiny that companies face, then throw in information that can go viral in a few minutes….environmental factors such as pandemics and natural disasters – and you have a recipe which means that preparing for possible future crisis is an absolute necessity for all business.

Our consultants have knowledge of ISO 22301 – Security and Resilience Business Continuity, BS 11200:2014 – Crisis Management, the international crisis management and business continuity standards. And can either create from scratch, or benchmark, asses and improve your current disaster recovery, crisis management and business continuity programmes and plans. Highlighting particular areas of crisis that could effect your business, plan how you will deal with emergencies or crisis, assess the potential impacts and work with you to minimize those impacts.

 A Corporate OHS consultant will work with you to:

Identify the nature of the crisis which could effect your business. Crisis and disasters include but are not limited to; reputational risks, crisis effecting customers, crisis effecting suppliers, terrorist attacks, outbreaks of diseases or infections, loss or illness of key personnel, restricted access to premises, IT system breakdowns, power cuts, fire or other physical threat, theft or vandalism, environmental disasters.

  • Assess the likelihood of each scenario occurring
  • Determine the potential impact on your business
  • Minimise the potential impact each crisis or disaster could have on you
  • Plan how you’ll deal with an emergency.
  • Test your current business continuity plans


We can work with you to seamlessly integrate an emergency response plan into your existing HSE Management system, policies and procedures ensuring that you stay consistently ready to take effective steps to minimize the negative consequences to your business and reputation in the event of a crisis.

Corporate OHS can also conduct an audit revision of your existing crisis management and business continuity plans to review the quality of the previous decision making and whether it is up to date with current thinking and legislation and has correctly identified all possible threats with a focus on capability and ability to respond. 


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