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How To Successfully Manage Contractors

The use of external Contractors is an essential part of almost all business within the United Arab Emirates. Most companies turn to Contractors to supplement their manpower and operational needs and also supply a skillbase not covered in house. A Contractor is a representative that works for a company that is not a direct and

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How implementing a robust HSE management system will save a company money and give good ROI

When considering factors such as injury, high incident and fatality rates, it’s a known fact that  implementing a robust and successful Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE-MS) will reduce the accident rates, protect the company’s physical and human capital assets – ensuring financial and non-financial benefits to the project and the company A Health

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How Health, Safety and Environmental professionals in the United Arab Emirates can proactively identify hazards in the workplace.

One of the many different consequences if a serious incident, such as a fatality at work, was to occur would be financial. Employers can be liable to pay blood money (Diya) in addition to statutory compensation under the United Arab Emirate (UAE) law. Currently equivalent to 24 months’ basic salary at the time of death

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