Corporate OHS, originating in the UK and now an established presence in the UAE, provides best practice in the Middle East; taking account of local concerns which can include climate, local customs and managing an employee population of migrant workers.

Corporate OHS offers a broad range of health and safety risk management services to assist businesses comply with every aspect of health and safety legislation including:

We can assist with your effective management of health, safety and environmental risk. This will provide business benefits to protect your workers, minimise sickness and absence rates, reduce your insurance premiums and enhance your organisations reputations.

We offer a wide range of support which can include solving complex issues involving various countries and their differing legislation. Time sensitive actions and volume based tasks. Providing just the right level of commercial and economic benefits to your business.

Corporate OHS provides competent and well qualified health and safety staff for outsourcing, either long term seconded project work, or, call off days to provide a tailored service and embed an expert HSE professional at the right number of days per month that’s best for your company.

Corporate OHS’s knowledge is built on providing trusted health, safety and environmental solutions by interpreting legislation in line with your business priorities and objectives. Bringing insight, best practice and cost saving initiatives, our service continually evolves to meet your business needs using a collaborative approach.

Corporate OHS aims to be your partner of choice for health, safety, environmental and quality risk management consultancy by building a rewarding, long lasting relationship with you, based on the delivery of best in class solutions.

We can only do this by understanding the culture and philosophy of your organisation and aligning our underpinning values of trust, reliability and innovation with your own similar values.

The benefits of using Corporate OHS include:

Expert Resources, Superior Performance

Our expert Consultants have worked all over the world and bring international best practice, practical knowledge and extensive experience from many different countries.

We will bring a wide breadth of risk management knowledge, experience and expertise to your company.

International staff all residing in the Middle East

Our staff have all lived within the GCC and UAE regions for many years and boast extensive local and regional QHSE knowledge.

Therefore, Corporate OHS will understand your business and challenges local to the region, employing staff who can best service you.

We deliver on time, practical, straightforward, cost effective consultancy and bespoke services -tailored to your company’s exact needs.

Global Knowledge

Our HSE Consultants have in-depth knowledge of Health and Safety legislation at a local level as well as the wider GCC, Europe and even further afield.

Knowledge of International, GCC and Local Management Systems

Our staff have knowledge not just of UAE systems. They also have experience and training of both Emirate specific Health & Safety systems such as OSHAD and also International systems such as OHSAS, ISO, HSG 65.

Providing consistency of Health and Safety across global institutions and meeting all local regional and international best practices.

Experience Across various Commercial Sectors

Our staff have experience of conducting HSE consultancy across almost all commercial sectors.

As well as HSE knowledge they also have commercial knowledge and understand that your business will benefit from the cross pollination of ideas from other industries.

Corporate OHS Consultants will develop OHS requirements specific to your organisation incorporating experience, knowledge and best practices from other sectors.

Holistic HSE deliverables

Corporate OHS offers bespoke HSE consultancy solutions.

We will meet your company requirements, in a personalised, cost effective, time effective manner.

OSHAD Class A Consultancy and Consultants

Independently verified by the Government HSE body – you can be sure of our quality of service.

Dedicated HSE Consulting Practice 

We work with you to provide guidance on funding and resource allocations to implement cost-effective EHS management processes. We develop value-added, customized and sustainable HSE management programs ensuring compliance.

Commercially aware HSE Consultants

In addition to being Health and Safety experts, our Consultants are also commercially aware. We can help you compile the most cost effective HSE budgets for approval and ensure capability building within your existing staff. We will align your companies HSE structure to enable you to tender with success, by positioning your company better in the market to submit more tenders, and win more tenders.

Helping you gain increased revenue, client retention, status among competitors, industry reputation and reducing potential insurance losses and claims.

Working with our proven methodologies you will benefit from an investment in quality procedures and systems ensuring that you minimise your exposure to liability and adverse publicity by having appropriate due diligence measures in place.

Peace of mind from using class-leading skilled consultants, many of whom are ex-enforcement officers with extensive knowledge of their field.

You will join a list of leading companies and organisations who already use Corporate OHS as their risk management partner of choice.


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